Whether it's at home, in the classroom or in the workplace, learning is a never-ending road of discovery, challenge, inspiration, and wonder.

Picture People has trained more than a thousand people in a dozen countries in storytelling,  video advocacy, digital media and technologies to mobilise people and create impact.


Our practice evolves in tandem with technology to provide creative and engaging approaches to learning and skills building.

"I was able to learn not only the techniques of making short videos using mobile phones but also how to address social issues that resonate with my communities."

Seng Doi, 

Myanmar alumna

Seng Doi_ Myanmar 2018
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Visual Storytelling


Since 2013 we have run visual storytelling workshops for social impact in Myanmar. 

Through a combination of lectures, film screenings, and hands on technical experience filming and editing, NGO officials, grassroots activists and emerging filmmakers created powerful short videos to raise awareness, influence public perceptions, advocate for change and encourage progress towards a more open and inclusive society.


Film and Media Lab


While participating in lectures, film screenings and working groups, Filipino workshop participants worked in pairs to produce short advocacy videos on struggles faced by people in their communities.


During the course of the workshop each of the seven groups developed their stories before pitching their ideas to a panel of experts. The videos focused on topics ranging from the war on drugs to work rights and the plight of small businesses. 


Documentary Storytelling


We empowered community youth leaders and young people from the Horn of Africa to turn their stories into powerful documentaries that can raise awareness, change public perceptions and ultimately promote social change.

Participants from Ethiopia,  Sudan and South Sudan worked in team to developed short advocacy films on issues critical to their communities which were screened at the Nile Festival in Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia.