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Since 2004 Picture People is committed to train people to use visual media and technology to effectively expose human rights abuses, alter perceptions and behaviours, and affect change.

We offer the tools to the most marginalised to tell and share their stories with their own words on issues that matters to their communities to shift public perceptions and mobilise others to become active on the issues explored.

We envision a world where storytelling connects with and advances our humanity for a just and equitable future.

People feel overwhelmed by stories of abuses, violence and injustice and too often they shield themselves from the horrors of what they see and hear.

We train those affected to effectively use video and digital technologies to break people shields and silence, to help retune with their emotions, instill the confidence that change is possible and show them the first step to action.


people to become agents of change by strengthening their knowledge, skills, and confidence in storytelling, advocacy and video production abilities.


with vulnerable groups and communities in the production and distribution of social and environmental justice media.


social movements by promoting collaboration amongst storytellers, advocates and educators and by amplifying the impact of their work.


is achieved by working closely with local communities, national and international organisations to identify needs and gaps and target the audience strategically.

"Picture People work in conflict-affected and ethnic areas in Myanmar is a major step in reaching the unreachable and sharing untold stories with the wider audience and policy makers."

Matthew Sheader

British Council Myanmar



Our knowledge and skills. Give those around us respect, responsibility, and control over their own tools to create and advocate for themselves.


Diversity, inclusivity, and equity. We celebrate failure as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and for growth. We include outside perspectives to inform our work.


The same story can be told in many ways, but the most effective are those that are original and use an authentic voice.


Our passion and commitment drive our work with the aim of not just a job well done, but one we are proud of.


 Working as a team allows ideas to thrive and lets us accomplish more, faster.

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