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Social change is brought about by gradual incremental changes and our summer school programme and online and in-person educational workshops continue to build the technical skills, understanding and knowledge for those who highlight social injustices and environmental issues.  


Our desired long-term impact is to improve the human rights of marginalised / vulnerable groups and communities through policy changes.  In the short term, our aim is to achieve the following for our workshop participants:  

  • Increase technical skills in making film/video

  • Increase understanding on how to use film/video for human rights advocacy

  • Increase knowledge and ability to share/distribute film/video for greater human rights advocacy impact 

How We Measure Our Success


Understanding and monitoring our students’ progress is key to ensure the effectiveness of our workshops and summer school programme as we grow and scale.


We monitor the effectiveness of our workshops and summer school programme through various assessment tools.  Every year we collect several different data sets in order to analyse our key performance indicators around knowledge, understanding and technical competency.  

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