'Future in Focus' Mobile Photo Competition 
Submissions now open!  


Photography is a powerful tool to not only document the world as it exists today, but imagine how it might change. That’s why we are launching the 2nd annual 'Future in Focus' Mobile Photo Competition. 


Wherever human rights are in jeopardy, there are individuals and entire communities coming together to raise their voices, lend support, right wrongs, and push for justice, security and humanity. This year, we are celebrating International Human Rights Day by asking you to shine a light on the work that is bringing a brighter future into focus.


Join our celebration of Human Rights Day by submitting your photos (taken with your mobile phone) in one of the three categories listed below. Entries open on 1 November and are due by midnight GMT on 30 November 2022. Winners will be announced on 10 December 2022.


One winner in each category will receive access to a course of their choosing offered by Masters of Photography.   The judging committee will be announced shortly.  


The three photo categories are:


Environmental Champions

  • We ask submissions in this category to highlight the important work of those who choose to act as stewards of nature, safeguarding our environment and natural resources.  Do your part to support COP27 and raise awareness of environmental adaption and mitigation. 


Embracing our Differences

  • We live in an incredibly diverse world, and though there is beauty in similarities, there is also power in celebrating our differences. This category showcases the ways in which embracing diversity can make a difference. 


Living with Dignity 

  • In a time when many are deprived of basic human rights, such as access to quality healthcare, adequate housing, food, right to education, right to express oneself and so much more- it’s crucial to remember we all deserve to live with dignity! This category aims to showcase the need for ‘living with dignity’ in all corners of the world. 


We can’t wait to see your vision of the future come into focus. 


To view guidelines, terms and conditions click here.


To submit your entry click here.  


If you have any questions, please email us at communications@picturepeople.org.  


Good Luck! 


See the winners from last year's completion below carefully chosen by a panel of judges.