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A Year in Reflection

Updated: May 29, 2022

2021 has been a successful year for Picture People, despite the challenges of covid and the international travel restrictions, as we continued to adapt and innovate.

For the first-time ever,

  • 5 academic training courses and seminars were launched including:

    • 2 online courses in Myanmar on ‘Media Human Rights and Technology’ for 200+ participants including university professors

    • an in-person workshop in Beirut, Lebanon on ‘Visual storytelling’ for masters students at St Joseph University

    • an in-person technical workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland on ‘How to Tell your Story Anywhere Anytime’ for the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2021

    • an online seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina on ‘Cinema and Human Rights’ for master students at San Martin University

  • 3 webinars in Bangladesh, Paraguay and Timor Leste were held for 350+ participants to enable them to broaden their knowledge, skills and confidence in using storytelling, visual media and technology to address social and environmental issues.

  • the 16th edition of the Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy, a training initiative jointly developed with the Global Campus of Human Rights, successfully went ahead in Venice, Italy in a blended format with online and in-person sessions for participants from 22 different countries. The 10-day programme focused on ‘delivering social change to children and young people’ in the broader framework of human rights protection and promotion.

  • ‘Future in Focus’ Mobile Phone Competition in conjunction with an award-winning judging panel was launched in November. Submissions came from every continent, with the winners from Myanmar, Western Sahara and Sri Lanka.

Our Impact

As we know, social change is brought about by more gradual incremental changes. There is evidence from in-country partners and post-workshop surveys that Picture People’s courses are successfully contributing to changing the landscape and narrative.

From our first 2021 online workshop in Myanmar

  • 96% of participants believe the knowledge and skills acquired through the PP training will be useful for their future work

  • 90% of participants would recommend the PP training to colleagues

  • 40% of participants believe the PP training exceeded their expectations while 60% of participants believe the PP training met their expectations.

From our 2021 Summer School here are some quotes from our students:

  • “The CHRA summer school is a great way to learn and have fun with passionate people who want to change the world”

  • “The international participants from different fields and the faculty with its vast knowledge and experience truly made the course feel like a melting pot of knowledge. The commitment to Human Rights Advocacy and the love for Cinema was so truly visible.”

  • “A once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be at the heart of the film industry and network with renowned filmmakers and industry leaders."

Our Partners

During 2021, we were fortunate to work with 11 organisations on four continents, Global Voices, Global Campus for Human Rights, Witness, Engage Media, Eyewitness to Atrocity, Amnesty International, Huridocs, the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma, British Council, Dili International Film Festival, and Istituto MultiMedia DerHumALC. We are extremely grateful for their commitment to Picture People.

Our Plans for 2022

This year, we are at the start of an ambitious period of growth, having already held our first Visual Storytelling workshop at the European Masters Programme in Human Rights at the Global Campus for Human Rights, in Venice, Italy, mid-January. This is just one of 10 online and in-person workshops to be held in six countries this year. And to address the changing landscape, we have evolved our workshop modules to include AI and Deepfakes, Digital Security, Video for Evidence, Hostile Environment Reporting, Tips for Interviewing Victims of Tragedy, and Witnesses and Survivors, among others.

We also aim to build our alumni network, launch two new initiatives, and leverage our collaboration with strategic partners to strengthen our visibility and impact. We will seek additional funding to support and expand our work and build our board of Trustees to ensure we have the right backing to strengthen our commitment to assist vulnerable and marginalised groups around the world.

2022 is an exciting time for Picture People and I would like to thank you all - our in-country partners, our alumni, our funders, our employees, and the general public at large for your continued support and belief in our cause. We couldn’t do what we do, without you.

Our very best for a happy and peaceful 2022.

Claudia and Nick

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