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Updated: May 29, 2022

We witness and support the bravery of Myanmar people in their fight for democracy

On Feb 1, we watched as a military junta overturned the democratically elected government. In the ensuing three months, we watched as hundreds were arrested and murdered. Yet, despite the generals’ attempts to cut wireless broadband to deprive their people of access to receive and share information, images and videos continue to expose the junta’s brutality.

At Picture People, we continue to keep close contact with friends, colleagues and alumni from our eight years working across Myanmar. Some of them have been injured or arrested in their homes, while others have gone in to hiding or have fled to Thailand. But all of them, each in their own way, will continue to protect their loved ones and defend their rights.

We stand with the people of Myanmar in their struggle for democracy and continue to provide support to civil society and our alumni through free VPN vouchers as well as sharing the stories they have produced. Yours in solidarity, Picture People


Myanmar artists call for freedom

We invite you to watch Rebel Artists of Burma a short film by Picture People Myanmar alumnus Steve. Through interviews with four artists of different backgrounds, genders and political experiences, Steve explores reactions to the coup, life under the military regime and the power of creative resistance.

Steve recently spoke with Le Monde, expressing his view of the situation in Myanmar: “I would like to tell you that the regime will end by collapsing, as an army can’t govern indefinitely like this, against the will of all of its people,” Steve says, “but I am also conscious that the military will do everything to hold on to power.”

View the film here, with password 2021rebelartistsofburma.

Help us support Myanmar artists and their work by sharing protest art pieces.


Support Myanmar filmmakers

Three alumni of our Myanmar workshops, who will remain anonymous for their safety, contributed to the powerful collaborative film, Burma Spring 21 which captures the people of Myanmar’s initial response to the military coup and the pro-democracy movement.

The film is nominated for the 2021 Stuttgart Peace Prize.


Myanmar's rough path to democracy

To give context to the current derailment of democracy in Myanmar, we share a video playlist curated by our partner Engage Media to highlight the aspirations of Myanmar people for peace and democracy.

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