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This year’s programme focused on ‘delivering social change to children and young people’ in the broader framework of human rights protection and promotion.  26 students from 21 different countries attended 13 academic trainings and workshops taught by seven renowned international lecturers.  

To reinforce the importance of impactful and compelling stories for films, the students also had the chance to meet with filmmakers from the Biennale College Cinema, as well as directors and screenwriters from the Venice International Film Festival including:

  • Jafar Najafi director of ‘Alone

  • Evgeny Afineevsky director of ‘Freedom of Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

  • Teons Strugar Mitevska director of ‘The Happiest Man in the World

  • S. Kaadan director of ‘Nezouh

  • G. Davidi director of ‘Innocence

  • Nicola Guaglianone screenwriter 


One-on-one mentoring with the Summer School's lecturers and the group exercises were additional highlights for the students this year.  Have a look at what our students were up to this summer. 

2022 Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School 

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