Picture People organises trainings,  workshops and events in selected regions of the world in association with local film festivals, academic and cultural institutions. These events are primarily aimed at local students, filmmakers and activists and develop different aspects on the connection between film, digital media and human rights using both a theoretical and practical approach.


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    5th Visual Storytelling workshop for Social Change

  • IMG_20180926_171416.jpg

    Call2Action:  The Power of Images for Storytelling

  • film activism.png

    Media and Film for Human Rights Advocacy

  • Jas boude.jpg

    African Cinema and Human Rights

  • IMG_3263_edited.jpg

    4th Video Storytelling workshop exploring Human rights & Advocacy

  • Occupy Central_HKG.png

    China's possible futures: Independent Cinema & Hong Kong

  • Happiness Photo.png

    Happiness Sessions in Yazidi refugee camp

  • Echoes of the Tsunami.png

    Echoes of the Tsunami, Global Stories, Local Visions

  •  Skills2.jpg

    3rd Video Storytelling workshop exploring Human rights & Advocacy

  • Summer Workshop on Cinema and Human Rights

  • Princess and Genie's adventures in Kashm

    Princess and Genie's adventures in Kashmir

  • Documentary Storytelling and Advocacy workshop

  • Sahara.png

    30 Years in the Desert

  • The Proverb Sessions.JPG

    The Proverb Sessions

  • 2nd  Human Rights, Visual Storytelling & Advocacy Workshop

  • 1st Documentary Storytelling and Advocacy workshop

  • The BAM Project.JPG

    Project after an earthquake flattened the city

  • Cinema & Human Rights day

  • Digital Media, Human Rights and Contemporary Political change

  • Cambodia.png

    Cartoons for Climate Change supported by the British Council

  • Africa's Football Dreams.JPG

    Africa's Football Dream

  • Seasons.png

    Kashmir Seasons

"Very positive, enlightening and informative. Showed the importance and influence of the area of human rights and film making."

"A really wonderful and inspirational experience. The lecturers were friendly, helpful and approachable. I learnt a lot and came away inspired to further pursue the area of advocacy, human rights and film."

"Really interesting and enjoyable. All sessions were relevant to me and fulfilled my expectations. Facilitators were qualified to lead their sessions, insightful and inspiring. Overall a brilliant initiative, well organised and very useful."

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